Ramped up immigration enforcement: It’s happening

StockSnap_VGRTZ3SVU1-183x300Not too long ago, the immigration attorneys at Romben Law, APC opined that Immigration and Customs Enforcement would be seeking to arrest more people due to immigration violations.

Folks, this is no longer a remote possibility.  It is happening and with increasing frequency.  As noted in the article:

At the current rate, arrests under Trump are set to outpace the peak number made under Obama, according to the New York Times’ analysis published last week.

“In the previous administration, there were groups of individuals – categories of people, so to speak – that we weren’t allowed to target and we weren’t allowed to apprehend,” [an official with ICE] said. “With the new administration, anybody that’s in violation of the immigration laws … are subject to arrest.”

Due to the increased enforcement activity by ICE, you should discuss your situation with an experienced attorney to see if you can avoid becoming one of the people mentioned in the articles.

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