USCIS temporarily extends validity of work permits by 540 days

A frequent concern brought to the attention of Los Angeles area immigration attorneys Romben Law, APC is the long delay in the processing of work permits.

USCIS has sought to alleviate this issue by temporarily extending the validity of existing employment authorization documents (more commonly known as “work permits” by 540 days.  In the past, immigrants would be unable to work after the expiration of their cards and while their applications for new permits languished at the agency.  USCIS had previously allowed a 180-day extension, but this new policy acknowledges the long delays in generating new cards and the hardships endured by immigrants who may be terminated from their employment.  As a result of this policy change, immigrants may show their expired cards and the receipt indicating that they have applied for a new permit.

The USCIS policy announcement may be found here.  For more information, we invite you to contact us.  –ra

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