FY 2010 H-1B Season: Issues on the Horizon

February 17, 2010

The H-1B season begins on April 1, 2010. The attorneys at Law Offices of J Craig Fong have been fielding phone calls and queries about filing new H-1B petitions. With relatively new changes in place for processing labor condition applications (LCA) this new process has caused such delay that even the USCIS ombudsman has called for some leniency in accepting cases with no certified LCA.

Based on last H-1B season, employer's tax returns, payroll records and other indicators of viability are now highly scrutinized. Applicants should also be prepared for the USCIS to review all of their previous immigration history, and of course their qualifications for the job. If you have questions about the H-1B process and how you can best prepare your application, contact Law Offices of J Craig Fong. ---ecf