Adoptions of Orphans from Haiti

USCIS published guidance this week helping adoptive parents with pending adoptions of orphaned children from Haiti. To help families whose adoptions were not finalized before the earthquake, a separate category now allows for the parole of children into the United States even before the adoption is final.

For families who want to bring their children into the US before the adoption has been finalized, once here, adoptive parents will need to choose between adjusting their child’s status as an orphan or as an adopted child. Few immigration attorneys have handled cases of orphaned children or adoptions made in the United States.

The attorneys at Romben Law, APC have extensive experience in helping families to immigrate both orphaned children and children already present in the United States. If you would like a consultation about the the options you may have for your family, call us for a consultation. As we have in the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Romben Law, APC has encouraged clients to give to the relief efforts for Haiti in lieu of consultation fees. We thank those who have given to the Red Cross and to Doctors Without Borders. —ecf

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