Update on Immigration Reform: 29 June 2009

Immigration law firm Romben Law, APC in Los Angeles has always urged that US immigration laws (and officials) treat immigrants fairly. As part of our advocacy, we have urged US citizens and US Legal Permanent Residents (“green” card holders) to write elected officials and express their views about humane immigration reform, especially with regard to the immigration of same-sex partners and undocumented youth who were brought here as children.

US Capitol.jpgSome people have asked for recommendations about the officials to whom they should write. Firstly, because immigration is a Federal matter, you should write to President Obama, both your state’s US senators, and your Congressperson to the US House of Representatives.

at Romben Law, APC, we believe in a more comprehensive approach. Most of the upcoming CIR battle will take place on Capitol Hill, but there are everyday people who need to learn about CIR. mainstreet.jpgLocal officials and community leaders can be powerful advocates for the immigrant community. We think you should also write your state and local representatives, and encourage them to write to Congress and push for change. In other words, it is good to write directly to Congress, and representatives love to hear from you. But they listen even more keenly when local mayors, councils, and state officials write. Therefore, consider writing also to:

– your mayor
– your city council
– your governor
– your state senator
– your state assemblyperson
– your local board of education
– your local chamber of commerce

Even if you believe your elected officials support immigration law reform, please write to them anyway, because the elected official needs your backing — political cover, if you will — if s/he is going to support something that is a hot-potato issue. –jcf

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