Have you Received an H-1B Receipt Notice from Premium Processing yet?

Since the USCIS has received less than the maximum number of cases it can accept, employers and applicants who opted for premium processing to get an expedited response for H-1B status will begin receiving receipt notices dated April 7, 2009, which will be counted as the first day in the 15 day period.  

The USCIS did send out a few receipt notices dated last week.  It is confirmed that those receipt notices are invalid and issued as a mistake.  If you received a receipt notice dated before April 7, 2009, call an immigration attorney to make sure that your case receives a proper receipt notice.  Receipt notices that were issued by the USCIS by mistake will not be honored.   

Applicants whose H-1Bs are being premium processed will begin receiving notification of an approval or a Request for Evidence (RFE) in the next 15 calendar days.  RFEs mean that your case may not  be approvable and you’ll need to prove to the USCIS that your case has merit.  It is very important for you to find an H-1B immigration visa attorney to respond to the RFE.  You will only have 30-84 days to respond.


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