H-1B Quota Update – June 15, 2011

H-1B season looks like it’s going to last a while this year. With nationwide unemployment still high, offers for H-1B employment seem to be lagging as well. Here are updated H-1B quota numbers for those looking for H-1B sponsors and wondering “how much time do I have left before the H-1B quota runs out…”

  • Regular cap: approximately 15,200 cases have been receipted out of the 65,000 available as of June 15
  • US Advanced degree cap: approximately 10,200 have been receipted from the 20,000 available
  • as of June 15, 2011

To look on the bright side, H-1B hopefuls who are interviewing and sending out resumes for job openings do have the time to consider carefully whether their potential H-1B employer is really the right organization to sponsor an H-1B application. I have been fielding a lot of questions recently by H-1B applicants who are concerned that their employer is either too small, too new, or otherwise not a strong enough sponsor for their petition. One of the best ways to shield yourself from an H-1B denial is to not only find the right employer but also to find an attorney who will spend the time with you and your employer to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a potential H-1B application and to be prepared for the dreaded Request for Evidence and of course to avoid an outright denial! With filing fees as high as they are, this would be money and time well spent to consult with an experienced business immigration attorney before blindly submitting an H-1B petition. —ecf

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