H-1B Quota – New Numbers Show a Slight Slowing of Usage

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The H-1B quota count came out again yesterday. USCIS released the following quota numbers:

  • Bachelor’s degree quota: approximately 20,600 petitions received
  • Advanced degree quota: approximately 9,700 petitions received

This tells us that those petitioners and employees who had a job in hand by April 1, did not delay in getting their petitions submitted once the filing period started. However, this may be good news for those who are still job searching, preparing petitions, or negotiating their H-1b petitions with employers. Usage seems to be slowing, but a word of caution that the numbers can surge upwards again once new graduates firm up job offers come May and June. Best of luck to those making applications. Call the attorneys at Romben Law, APC for your consultation on an H-1B petition. —ecf

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