Immigration Reform Debates on the Horizon – Announcement by White House

President Barack Obama campaigned on an platform for that included comprehensive immigration reform that would improve our immigration system and secure our borders.  President Obama is keeping that promise in a White House announcement yesterday that he will push for immigration reform.   

Among the topics for comprehensive immigration reform are:  

  • a pathway to legalization for certain undocumented aliens
  • a better and more continued infrastructure for professional and working immigrants 
  • continued prioritization of family reunification
  • continued funding and resources for fraud detection and prevention and enforcement of removable aliens, including criminal aliens.

Meaningful immigration reform will also mean that strict requirements must be met, such as proof that you have paid taxes in the past, that you have a clear criminal background, and that you can speak and read English.  Legalization applicants will probably also have to pay a penalty fine.  If you have questions about how immigration reform might affect you or if you have questions about someone you know who could be eligible, contact Romben Law, APC for more information on our resources to keep you updated. –ecf

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