Waiver Appointments at Ciudad Juarez, México

Romben Law, APC has been informed that the US Consulate-General at Ciudad Juárez is modifying the way it processes waivers. Immigrant visa applicants who seek a waiver of a ground of inadmissibility at Ciudad Juárez, México should expect to wait at least two months for the waiver interview.   Our Los Angeles clientele includes many Méxican nationals, and those who to Mexico.jpgare applying for waivers will experience this delay and should plan accordingly.

Because applicants have flooded the Consulate with requests for waivers, and because many of those applicants do not even qualify for the waiver in the first place, the immigrant visa unit at the Consulate has been inundated.  The result has been (a) the imposition of a 48-hour waiting period before an applicant can even telephone to make a waiver interview appointment, and (b) a wait of at least two months for the appointment.
Applicants should make plans in advance, because unless an applicant has a valid visa, it is unlikely that an applicant can return to the USA prior to the waiver interview.  That means that applicants will need to anticipate an extended stay in México, until the waiver is granted.  Further, because of safety considerations, applicants may wish to pass that waiting time in a city other than Juárez.  If you have questions about how waivers work and whether you qualify, please feel free to contact us.  –jcf

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