Visiting Cuba

Flag Cuba.jpgThe Obama Administration announced a change in policy that will loosen US restrictions on Americans who wish to travel to Cuba.  The immigration law firm of Romben Law, APC represents a number of Cubans and others in the Los Angeles area who have asked whether it is now possible to visit Cuba.

The announcement on 13 April 2009 states that the government will (a) lift restrictions regarding travel of family members to the island nation, (b) permit remittances to family members in Cuba, (c) relax restrictions for US telecom companies to establish facilities, permit roaming services, offer telecom services, and donate certain consumer telecom devices to Cuba.
Although the announced changes will permit a Cuban-American (and family members who share the American’s home) to visit persons “within three degrees of family relationship,” there has not yet been a blanket removal of the travel restrictions to Cuba for non-Cuban-Americans.  
It would seem that global warming is moving faster than the thaw in US-Cuba relations.  –jcf
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