USCIS Confirms H-1B Cap Count, the Quota is Still Open for Regular and Advanced Degree Cases

The USCIS (CIS) confirmed that the H-1B quota remains open.  About a week ago, CIS issued an update on the count against the H-1B cap, stating that about 43,000 applications were received.  This week, CIS confirms that they have received only one-thousand more applications.  

For advanced degree applicants, there is still time to file an H-1B since the CIS will still accept cases even though they have already received 20,000 cases.  CIS accepts more cases than the quota cap because many cases will be rejected or denied.  So far, no lottery has been announced for either cap.
In the last several fiscal years, the CIS has had to use a lottery method to randomly choose cases for H-1B consideration.  Given the current economic climate with unemployment rates at historic highs, it’s natural to see this year’s quota remain open.  We won’t know when the quota will get filled, but I have discussed the H-1B quota and the method that CIS will use to determine the last date that they will accept cases.  For those of you who are job seekers, you have just been given more time to find an employer!  Good luck!
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