Religious Organizations’ Notification Requirements

According to CFR 214.2(r)(14), petitioners of religious workers are now required to submit a notification to USCIS when their beneficiary works less than 20 hours a week or employment is terminated before the expiration of the R-1 visa. This notification must be emailed ( or mailed to USCIS (California Service Center, Attn:X/BCU ACD, P.O. Box 30050, Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-3004) within 14 days upon the occurrence of either of the above events.

The notification must consist of:
1. reason for the notification and/or its delay 2. an approved, R-1 receipt number provided by USCIS 3. Petitioner’s address, including name, address, telephone number, and employer’s identification number (FEIN), and 4. R-1 beneficiary’s information, including name, birthdate, country of birth, last known address, and phone number.

Failing to provide notice to USCIS may result in employer sanctions or other immigration penalties. The lawyers at Romben Law, APC welcome any questions from religious organizations regarding notification requirements. – ECF

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