Prohibited Articles at the US Embassy or Consulate-General

Hand Stop.jpgThe immigration lawyers at Romben Law, APC prepare hundreds of visa applications annually. We handle visa applicants from the UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, China, Japan, Canada, México, El Salvador, Argentina, Australia, Nigeria, Ghana, South Afrika, and dozens of other countries.

Under some circumstances, our clients, whether they are here in Los Angeles or elsewhere, must leave the USA to obtain their visas from the US Embassy or Consulate-General outside the USA.

Because of heightened security concerns at US posts abroad, many everyday articles MAY NOT be brought into a US Embassy or Consulate. The obvious ones are: fire arms, ammunition, sharp weapons. But other prohibited items include:

Electronic Devices
photographic cameras video cameras mobile telephones two-way handhelp radios portable radios portable DVD players or “Game Boys”
laptop computers magnetic diskettes memory sticks or thumb-drive USB memories batteries calculators any electronic cables
Metallic Objects
pocket knives metallic scissors metallic ball point pens belts with metallic buckles pencil sharpeners
Personal Articles
cigarettes, cigars lighters matches lanyard or cord for ID pouch
Cosmetic Articles
eyebrow clippers eyelash curlers metallic nail files any aerosol products mirrors glass containers (e.g., perfumes, mascara, etc.)
Some of these items seem silly, but because of incidents that have happened at some US posts, you should not bring any of these things to a consular appointment. If you do, you will be forced to leave the item behind — and the US posts DO NOT have any facilities to check personal belongings — which could cause you to be late for or miss your appointment! –jcf

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