International “Support” Office Opens in California

USCIS has recently opened an “International Adjudications Support Branch” in Anaheim, California. This purpose of this office is to help process some of the applications and petitions received from international USCIS offices. The office is meant to help overseas USCIS offices handle periodic fluctuations in work. We at Romben Law, APC in Los Angeles have noticed that some of our immigration law clients’ forms are being processed at this new office.

The office is located in the same facility as the Los Angeles Asylum Office, and it does not handle or accept inquiries, appointments, or walk-ins.

Currently, this support branch is handling I-601 Waiver cases — except health-related waivers — from the US Consulate-General in Ciudad Juárez, México. It is not yet known what other cases will be assigned to this office. –jcf

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