H-1B Quota Update on the Numbers – Quota Still Open!

The H-1B quota has been hovering around the 45,000 mark since April when the H-1B filing period first opened. I have been giving updates every few weeks when the USCIS releases new counts on the number of H-1B cap-subject petitions that have been filed.

We have watched the FY 2010 H-1B numbers yo-yo back and forth from 44,400, 44,900 and 45,000 since June 12, 2009 to present. On July 10, the USCIS announced that it had received approximately 44,900 petitions, about 100 less than the approximately 45,000 reported received on July 3.

What is the reason for the up and down in numbers? Denials, lay offs, less jobs being offered. Sometimes, cases aren’t filed properly, something as simple as a typo on the filing check can result in a rejection, though not a denial. Those types of cases can be re-filed, assuming that the quota is still open as it remains today.

Other cases, which could have been marginal, will get denied. Sometimes, employers file for H-1Bs without knowing how to present a properly certified LCA, other times, a job description does not meet the criteria for a specialty occupation. Lots of things can go wrong in filing for an H-1B. And finally, the USCIS makes mistakes too, denying cases, perhaps by applying the wrong standard as they did recently in the case of health care specialty occupations. Wow, USCIS makes mistakes. Imagine that!?!

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