H-1B Quota October 21, 2011 – Advanced Degree Cap Filled

Stopwatch 15 secs remaining.jpg
The last update from USCIS announced that the US advanced degree cap for H-1Bs has been filled.

    The regular H-1B quota has accepted 46,200 petitions leaving 18,800 slots available for new H-1B cases to be filed.

    We can expect this last batch of H-1B slots to fill up quicker since those with advanced degrees will now be making applications towards the regular H1-B quota.

    Remember that if you have an H-1B pending, even with an outstanding RFE pending, the USCIS has allocated an H-1B for you if your case is ultimately granted. If you would like a consultation regarding an H-1B filing this season, give the business immigration attorneys at Romben Law, APC a call now. —ecf

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