H-1B Quota Numbers July 13, 2011

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And so the saga continues. I have received a lot of phone calls from H-1B hopefuls, many in the same situation: highly qualified individuals with marketable skills with either no job offer in hand or a tenuous job offer from an employer not willing and able to withstand the challenges of submitting an H-1b petition. It’s no wonder that the quota numbers are extremely low.

The most recently updated H-1B cap numbers as of July 13, 2011:

Approximately 19,000 petitions received for the regular H1B quota.

Approximately 12,200 petitions received for the advanced degree H-1B quota.

The journey of a job search is a lonely and arduous one. Immigrant workers face an even more daunting reality — asking their employers to provide H-1B sponsorship, then finding an experienced immigration attorney who can prepare the strongest case possible for filing with USCIS. The attorneys at Romben Law, APC have worked with H-1B applicants and their prospective employers to not only explain the H1B process but also provide analysis as to the specific weaknesses and strengths of your particular case. Contact the business immigration attorneys at Romben Law, APC a call to set up an appointment when your employer is ready to talk about sponsoring an H-1B petition. We can help. —ecf

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