Am I going to be deported because my green card has expired?

Many people call the Coachella Valley immigration lawyers at Romben Law, APC LLP in a panic because their green cards are about to expire and they are concerned that the card’s expiration will subject them to deportation by the Trump administration.

A common misconception is that when a green card expires, that person’s protections as a lawful permanent resident also expire. The benefits of having a green card (such as being able to return to the United States after brief periods of international travel, and having current proof of the ability to work) may terminate when a card expires. However, one does not simply lose the status of being a lawful permanent resident when the card expires.

For those who would like to obtain a new green card, fret not! The process is rather easy and can be done online here.   Shortly after the application is filed, USCIS will issue a biometrics appointment and you will need to appear in order to have your fingerprints taken.

However, individuals who have been convicted of criminal charges should consult a competent attorney prior to submitting the I-90 application to renew the green card. Certain criminal convictions can trigger ICE scrutiny and lead to the initiation of removal proceedings.


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