Federal Official Lies About Following Immigration Law

Pinocchio.jpgBorder guards are not known to be the friendliest people in Federal service. The immigration attorneys at Romben Law, APC in Los Angeles routinely hear stories of border guards shouting at aliens who are telling the truth, bluntly telling aliens, “you are lying to me,” or asking in a hostile manner, “why are you lying to me?” The border guards do this, even when they do not really think someone is lying. They do it to destabilize or disturb the alien, to get the alien to make an error or say something wrong. Basically, it is a trap.

Recently, Alan Bersin, the commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection — the head of all the border guards — told Congress that he did not know he was required to fill out and keep Federal paperwork to verify that his household employees had the right to work in the USA.

Bersin is the head of US Customs and Border Protection.

Bersin is a former California Secretary of Education.

Bersin is a former US Attorney.

Bersin went to Harvard and Yale.

Bersin says he had no idea he had to follow the law?

Why is he lying to us?


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