Changes to Vaccination Requirements for Immigrants

Immigrants are asked to take a medical exam before being granted legal permanent resident status in the USA. As part of this exam, immigrants are required to take various vaccinations. The immigration lawyers at Romben Law, APC in Los Angeles are often asked whether someone is required to take ALL the vaccinations.

Since November 2009, USCIS has delayed the processing of many “green” card applications, because new vaccinations criteria would become effective in December 2009. Beginning on 14 December 2009, the vaccinations for herpes zoster and human papilloma virus (HPV) were no longer required for immigration purposes.

After 14 December 2009, cases that have been held in abeyance should be processed. If your Adjustment of Status case was put “on hold” due to vaccination-related issues, the case should be revived now and processed. If you have not received a resolution of your vaccination-delayed Adjustment of Status by mid-February, you should contact an immigration attorney to do a follow up with USCIS. If you have questions about the vaccinations that you will be required to take, please contact us for a consultation. –jcf

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